The MG

I first saw this sad excuse for a car on Craigslist, and I knew that it would be the perfect candidate for my budget conversion. My then fiance immediately fell in love with it, which sealed the deal. My brother and I picked up a U Haul truck and a tow dolly and we drove up to Longmont, CO.

Unfortunately, a tire blew out while we were towing it. I thought we might make it, but those things were nasty. USAA was incredible and agreed to finish the tow for free (score!), since we had just made it into the max tow range. They took the car to my house, and I took the truck and dolly back to U Haul.

For $250 plus my towing costs, I was able to get a surprisingly nice shell. The next few months consisted of restoring the interior, gutting everything related to the original engine, and rewiring the entire thing. It was easier than it sounds, especially in a car a small and simple as this one.

The car is a 1975 MG Midget. It was originally equipped with an asthmatic 1500cc engine and a 4 speed transmission. The engine could hardly crack 50 horsepower when new, so with the motor I had in mind this car was going to scream! The curb weight was supposedly about 1600lbs.