Moment of Truth… (Does The Adapter Fit?)

Yes, it fits! Mostly. The adapter plate arrived today, and I’m happy to say that everything lines up. I did make an error, however, in the bolt holes that mate to the transmission. In my numerous revisions while learning to use the software, I forgot to rotate them again, so they’re about 37* off of where they should be. I could use it as is, but I will probably have a machine shop drill it for me.

I pressed in the alignment dowels (which I just turned from a little 10mm steel rod) with some loctite bearing set, and then I pressed the bearing into the center. It turned out very, very well.

The plate was milled by 3D Hubs. I already uploaded the CAD file for this plate in a previous post. Feel free to use it and shoot me a message if you have any questions about it.