Elcon PFC2500Tc 3.3Kw
Input Voltage
Input Current15a16a
Output Voltage36v-408v18v-650v
Output Current4a-40a6a-40a
Output Power2500W3300W

The charger in the MG is currently an Elcon PFC2500. I picked it up used on eBay for $180, and I had it reprogrammed by Electric Conversions in California for about $60. The price was reasonable, but the turnaround was pretty slow. The charger is compatible with both 110VAC and 220VAC input without changing anything other than the plug. When configured for lithium, this charger is enabled by joining two wires together. I accomplish this through my BMS, which allows it to enable and disable the charger. The output of the charger does depend on the specific model. Check the datasheets for more information on that.

The original charger was a CAN BUS enabled Tc 3.3Kw charger. This thing looked great and was pretty sturdy, but the CAN communication was very spotty with my ZEVA BMS, which led to extremely slow charging as the communication timed out every few minutes. I can’t recommend this charger for that reason, though it may be just fine with the standard “enable” version, which uses a simple relay like the Elcon. If I can get the Tc charger to work, I will use it instead. The extra 800 watts of power would improve my charging times significantly.

By the way, the old style Elcon chargers are actually Tc chargers. The new ones are sold directly through AliExpress by Green Store. Shipping is slow and support is difficult with language barriers, but the prices are OK.