Module Specifications
Cells in Series
Cells in Parallel3
Capacity per Cell15ah
Nominal Voltage per Cell3.7v
Module Weight~45lbs

I am using four 2013 Chevy Volt battery modules in series for the MG. Each module consists of 12 cells in series and 3 cells in parallel. The four of them cost me $940 on eBay, plus shipping.

My BMS is an EVMS V3. This is from Zero Emission Vehicles Australia. The price is excellent for this kind of project. I am using the EVMS Monitor V3, EVMS V3, EVMS V3 Can Current Sensor, and the 12 Cell BMS Module V3. These all work together for an easy to configure BMS. It all communicates over CAN BUS, and it has support for a variety of CAN based chargers. All in all, it’s a very nice, clean system. One warning: the Tc 3.3Kw charger that I originally purchased had some serious issues with CAN control from ZEVA. I believe the issue was on the charger’s end, but I can’t say for sure. Keep that in mind if you choose to go this route. The EVMS V3 system that I purchased cost about $700.